Sunday, February 2, 2014

BCS National Championship Game 2014

With it being Super Bowl Sunday, I figured it was about time to finally blog about the real BIG GAME! 

We made our way towards Pasadena right after breakfast, and made a pit stop at Dodger stadium before heading to the Rose Bowl Stadium. The entrances to Dodger stadium were blocked off, so dad had to weave through a few cones to sneak to the back in order to see the stadium.  It was a really neat stadium, it's literally built into the side of a mountain.  We took a few pictures before security found us and told us nicely to leave :)

We made it to the Rose Bowl around noon and enjoyed some Crown and Sprite out of our back tailgate while we waited for the Auburn Alumni Association tailgate to start.  We ran into a few friends of mine from Auburn, and it was so  great to see familiar faces.  The tailgate was a lot of fun, the food was great, and the open bar was pretty nice too.  It was awesome to hear the Auburn band up close and personal at the pep rally, especially since I haven't been able to attend an Auburn home game since college!

baby Grant hanging out with Yeye at the hotel
We got stuck in the Tiger Walk traffic jam while trying to make our way to the stadium, but we eventually made it through and to our seats.  We were on the 45 yard line, the second row from the bottom.  The view of the actual game wasn't that great since we were so close, but it was so awesome being right by the field (even though we were in the middle of the FSU section-and they have some really annoying cheers---just sayin'!).

John Legend singing the National Anthem 

It was such a great game to watch considering I thought it was going to be more of a score like the Super Bowl tonight (blowout), but I was so pleasantly surprised, and Auburn definitely proved themselves worthy of playing for the title.  They gave Florida State a run for their money, and I'm so proud of how we represented the SEC (still by far the best conference in college football as a whole, and no one can argue that!).
Big Pop and Lila cheering Auburn on from Texas
It was a day that I will never forget, and I'm so glad that I was able to spend it with Josh, my dad, and my brother. WAR EAGLE ALWAYS! It's GREAT to be an AUBURN TIGER!

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