Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lila: November '13-February'14

How is it that our first baby is FOUR!?! The saying "the days are long, but the years are short," is spot on! Lila has gone from being a very interesting three-nager, to a sweet, loving, sensitive, and caring four year old in one very short year (some moments definitely felt longer than others though).  She loves to sing, dance, read, write, and make art.  She loves her brother, and she has a love/hate relationship with Alli now that Alli is old enough to take her toys and fight back.  It has been one wild ride parenting the child that made us parents, but I wouldn't change it for the world!
November-December 2013:
*You had fun learning your tap dance and performing it at Village on the Green.
*You had a blast at the beach with everyone for Thanksgiving.  You rode your first go-cart ride, and you also rode every other ride in Kids Kountry at The Track.
*You were so great at cheering on Auburn this month in football too. You love your favorite team so much, and it makes me smile!
*You have turned into the best helper, and you especially love to help us with baby Grant.
*You nurse your baby dolls on occasion.
*You are so excited for Christmas, and you love playing with the Little People nativity set as well as the animated gingerbread house.
December '13-January 2014:
*You had a great time picking out our Christmas tree, and you took your job very seriously!
*You got a little stage fright during your preschool Christmas performance, but you still did great. You are very animated when you sing.
*You were so excited to see what Santa brought.  You asked for "lots of princesses," and he delivered.
*Your favorite tv shows right now are definitely Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi.  You still love Sophia the First, but she's slowly becoming a distant third.
*You sat with us during the Christmas Eve service at church, and you did really well.  You loved that you saw your friend, Sadie as well.
January-February 2014:
*You pretend to put your baby dolls in your tummy a lot now.  Your main baby's name is Rapunzel, and when she "comes out", you act like she's a real baby.  You even let us hold her sometimes.
*You love to sing songs in front of us, and you will even use your fist as a fake microphone. Your favorite songs to sing is "Part of your world" from The Little Mermaid and the Team Umizoomi theme song.
*You had so much fun with Mamu and Big Pop when they were here to take care of you while we were in California.
*You like to bully Alli in the mornings before Alli is out of her crib.  You will tell her "Mom and dad are sad with you."
*You love taking pictures, but you have a very awkward fake smile. Your real smile is beautiful, so daddy comes to the rescue to make you laugh to get your real smile.
*You are in love with changing your clothes, and you will change your clothes about 10 times per day.  I really need to put a lock on your closet!
*You love love love to play princess and you wear about five different dresses every day.
*You love your baby brother so much.  I asked you if you wanted to be a mommy one day and you said, "I am a mommy." I then asked you who your baby was, and you said, "baby Grant is my baby."
*You are a little over 32 pounds and you are 38.6 inches tall

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