Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five Months Old *February 12, 2014*

FIVE months! Where in the world is the time going?!? He has almost been here on this Earth half of a year already, and yet I can't imagine our family without him. He is so sweet and easy going, although he still prefers to be held over anything else. He is a happy baby, and anyone that watches him says that he is so easy (again, as long as he's held and/or fed, he's good to go).  I can't wait to continue to watch him grow!
Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh 14.8 pounds.
*You are still going through a bit of sleep regression, and you wake up several times per night.  You only take about 5-10 minutes before you get yourself back to sleep, but I want you to sleep all the way through the night again!

*Bedtime is at 8pm and you usually wake up around midnight/1am, also at 3/4:30, but I go in and feed you between 4:30-5:30.  You go in your swing from there, and you will sleep until around 9am in your swing.

*Naptimes are still awesome, and you go down at 2pm in your crib.  You usually wake up around 3:45pm, and I then put you in your swing.  You will sleep another 1-2 hours in your swing.

*You sleep swaddled from the waist down only now, because at a little over four months, you rolled over in your full swaddle and were trapped face down.  It was scary, but you were fine.

*You roll on your tummy the second that I lay you down in your crib.

*You still get so startled at loud noises, especially when I make a snorting sound.  It's really funny to watch.

*We officially quit nursing and pumping last week, so you are getting strictly formula.

*We started solids on your four month birthday, and you seemed to really like them at first.  Here lately, you just want to spit your food all over everyone that is feeding you.  We have to trick you with your bottle to get you to open your mouth for food sometimes.

*You officially do not like any paci.  I can't get you to take one at all anymore.

*You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes, but you can still squeeze into some 3 month onesies. You sleep in anything from 6 month to 6-9 month to 9 month onesies.

*Your size 1 diapers are getting super snug.  It is definitely time to switch you to size 2s!

*You can sit by yourself for a few seconds, but you topple over quickly.  I think we're a while away from unassisted sitting.

*You absolutely LOVE faces now.  You love to grab noses, and rub on whoever's face is close by.  You love to follow our voices too.

*You love to talk and coo still.  You like to sing yourself to sleep too, it's adorable, and I love to listen.

*You love to chew on your feet, and they are probably your most favorite body part.  Your hands are a very close second.

*You still love your sisters more than anything.  When you are laying in your recliner, they love to pile the toys on top of you, because they think you look bored.

*You love to grab at objects, but you don't love your play mats too much.  You'd rather just lay on the plain floor and roll around and chew on the blanket.

*You also love to blow raspberries, especially when you're eating :)

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