Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alli: 31-33 Months

Alli is the silliest, craziest, messiest little girl! She is a tom boy and is as tough as nails.  She goes after what she wants, and she is very determined.  We love our sweet girl, and love watching her learn and grow!
January 13-February 13, 2014 (30-31 Months):
*We started potty training this month, and you did awesome! It took you a while to start going while out in public, but you caught on pretty fast.  You had to get over your fear of the big potty first.
*You still love your ballet class, and you get so excited when it's dance day.
*Obviously, you still have your paci.  We plan on getting really tough about taking it away when you turn 3!
February 13-March 13, 2014 (31-32 Months):
*You call the airport the "airplane pork", and you LOVE to ride on your airplanes.
*You had a blast going to visit Yeye and Edaddy this past month, but Uncle Bbup and Uncle Ralson are still your favorites.
*You are so independent and love to dance. At dinner one night, there was live music, and you didn't hesitate to get up and dance all by yourself.
March 13-April 13, 2014 (32-33 Months):
*You weigh 27.4 pounds and are about 34 inches tall.
*You still say "cowlore" for cowgirl.
*You really love the Disney show Jessie right now, as well as Sheriff Callie.
*You still love dance class, and you were so excited to see Ms. Naomi (or ms. Mami) back after her foot injury.
*You have gotten to be very strong willed and you fight us on naptime almost daily.
*You are doing very well with your potty training! You are fully in big girl panties (although you favor your little boy underwear) during the day.  You still wear a pull-up at night.  You do poop in your panties most of the time though.
*You are going on an eating strike here lately, but you will eat: waffles, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, squeeze blueberries and oats, yogurt, cheetos, doritos, and most other chips, cookies, Mcdonald's chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and crackers.
*Your favorite food these days are grapes (aka "Glapes")
*You love to act out Frozen with Lila every day and night.
*We have officially started to take your paci away.  It doesn't bother you at night or during the day, but naptimes are hard now.
*You have entered the terrible 3s, and it is not so much fun! Trying to find the fun in this new stage :)

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