Monday, April 21, 2014

Seven Months Old *April 12, 2014*

I seriously cannot believe we are on the backside of Grant's first year.  It really is SO INSANE that seven months has gone by since we first saw his sweet little face! He is becoming more and more fun everyday, and he is also becoming so much more independent, which is good for me :) I'm starting to think about his first birthday party (really just to distract me from the fact that we are moving in two months), and I'm not sure what themes to go with for a baby boy...not that I don't have a while to think about it though. Happy seven months to baby Grant!
Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh 16.0 pounds.

*You are so exhausted by 8pm, that you go down right away.  Sometimes, we put you to bed earlier than that if you are acting fussy (aka sleepy). You wake up at 7am on the dot most days.  On occasion, you will sleep later, but rarely.  If you wake up before 7, I will put you in your swing with a bottle, and you'll sleep another two hours at least.

*Nap times are still awesome.  The morning nap is not consistent due to the fact that we are never home for it, but your evening nap starts at 2pm, and continues until around 4/5pm.

*You are so cute to watch sleep.  You love to sleep squished up to the bumper pads and as close to the corner as you can get. You change positions a ton while you sleep (which is one reason why I love having a video monitor!), and you are so cute in each one!

*You still love to roll around, and you have learned how to inchworm crawl for a few feet.

*We feed you solid food once per day, and you hated it for a while, but you are acting like you are ready for us to feed you solids twice per day.

*You drink milk! You drink a ton of formula, and I'm not sure where you put it all!?!

*You have gotten great about holding your bottle (thank goodness!!) which frees up tons of time for me.

*You love carrots, apples, peaches, and pears.  You will eat peas, but you make a sour face with each bite.  You hated bananas for a while, but you'll eat them when they are mixed with another fruit or veggie.

*You are in size 6-month clothes, and 6-9 month and 9 month sleepers.  You still fit into a few 3 month outfits (you are a little squirt!).

*You are officially in size 2 diapers.  It looks like we may be moving up to size 3 very soon.

*You are sitting up like a champ and rarely fall over!

*You still chew on everything.  You also started sucking on your top lip.  I think those teeth are giving you trouble, although it still doesn't feel like they are that close to poking through.

*You love when Lila talks to you, and she loves to talk and read to you.  You two have a very special bond.  Alli loves you too and she calls you "baby boy." I'm so glad that you all love each other, and I hope it stays that way forever!

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