Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lila: February-May 2014

Lila has become the sweetest girl, and I enjoy her company so much! She loves all things girlie and princess, and she is always singing and dancing.  She is the best helper, and she loves her brother more than anything else in the world.  I have put her to work as my photography assistant here lately, and she has really enjoyed it :). Here's what she's been up to the past three months.
February-March 2014:
*You are so girlie and LOVE to dress up! You change clothes about 10 times per day (mostly princess dresses)
*You say "braves" for "braids." You love to have your hair done.  You say it "makes me beautiful."
*You love croutons and call them "tu-tons" with a really fast first syllable.
*We had a combined 4th birthday party with your friend, Samantha.  You had a blast with all of your friends at Jumpin' Jungle.
March-April 2014:
*You and Alli love to act out scenes from Frozen.  You LOVE to sing all of the songs, and you definitely know all the motions too.
*You love to sing and dance, especially to Disney princess songs.
*You must be going through a growth spurt, because you eat everything now.  You love carrots and ranch dressing, chips and salsa or cheese dip, pizza, cheeseburgers, broccoli, green beans, corn, rice, cheese or chicken quesadillas, mac and cheese, and pretty much anything else these days.  I do believe that your new favorite food is corn dogs though (yuck...but I secretly love them too!)
*We took pictures in the bluebonnets this month, and you love the pretty blue flowers.  I think it's the highlight of your year to take pictures in the bluebonnets (as is mine!).
April-May 2014:
*You weigh 34.2 pounds and you are a little under 40 inches tall.
*You are looking so much taller these days, and you love to be called a big girl.
*You still love Frozen, and you and Alli spend every night before bed rehearsing the movie together.
*You are SUCH a sweet girl now.  4-years old is a great age for you right now :).
*You have many boyfriends in your class (well, at least you love them, not sure it's mutual).  You love to kiss Gunner, but you hold hands with River all day (or so your teachers tell me).  We keep telling you that you don't need to follow boys around, but you can't help it, you are boy crazy for sure!
*You are so social, and you love to say hello to everyone that you see, especially children your age.
*You love your brother more than anything, and you take such good care of him.  You can always make him laugh, and you love to have "picnics" with him in his room.
*You are loving your ballet class, and you cannot wait for the recital at the end of the month.
*You get jealous when it's someone elses birthday besides you.  You've got to get over that for sure :)
*You have gotten so good at writing your name as well as Alli's name.  You wrote and spelled Grant's name by yourself (you spelled it grat-I was quite impressed with that).

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