Sunday, May 18, 2014

Surprise Birthday/Going Away Party

Friday night, my sweet friends threw me a surprise going away party/30th birthday party.  It was SUCH a surprise, and Josh helped to pull it off perfectly!

Josh had told me on Monday to get a babysitter for Friday night as we were going to have a Bonefish dinner date and a Coast Guard work party afterwards, but he didn't make too big of a deal out of it.  Friday came, the babysitter got here, and Josh said that his car wouldn't start.  This has happened before recently, so I didn't think anything of it, I just was a little irritated (okay, a lot irritated) since I thought he would finally need a new battery, or car.  He had also parked right behind my car, which also makes me mad, since I figured that we could have just taken my car if he was parked in his usual spot in the driveway.  Josh said that we had to wait for his buddy to get there to jump his car off, and I was getting really impatient for him to get there.  I know that he only lives about 15 minutes away, yet it was taking him about 45 minutes to get to our house.  I didn't know that this was all an act to stall until my friends could get to my house.  Josh's friend pulled up to the house at the same time as my friends, Ashlee and Ida, which made me extremely confused. I was in the garage doing some work (I figured I may as well be productive while waiting on our car trouble), when I saw my friends run up saying "girls night! Come on!".  Josh yelled, "Come on, KB, girls night!".
My sweet friends! Love them!

I was still pretty confused, until I got in the car with the girls and they explained that we were going to dinner.  They were still pretty hush on all the details, but I was really excited and surprised that Josh pulled it off even with all of my irritable questions about the "car trouble".  We got to Mamacitas and walked back to our table, and I saw all of our other friends at an adorably decorated table with handmade balloon decoration, monogramed glasses, pink straws, and a jar with 30 things that my friends love about me.  It was the most thoughtful night, and I was so flattered that they would do all of that for me!

After dinner, we had our drivers take all of us to Scout bar to see the Spazmatics play.  They are a hilarious 80s cover band, and we all had a great time! It was SUCH a FUN time, and I am going to miss all of these sweet friends SOOOO much!!!


Holly with her champagne bucket

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