Thursday, May 15, 2014

Birthday Weekend/Maegan's Wedding

My sister's best friend got married the Saturday after my 30th birthday, so we went up to Atlanta early to celebrate with our family and friends.  Wednesday night, my family all came to my mom and dad's house to celebrate my birthday, and my aunt made the most gorgeous, delicious birthday cake.  Thursday, my actual birthday, I subbed for my mom's tennis team and won our tennis match with Leslie pretty easily.  It was so great to get a chance to play while in Atlanta, and everyone on my mom's team is super nice and fun.  Thursday night, Josh and I met some friends at Cincos for dinner.  It's always so much fun to get together with them, and we had a great time.  Friday morning we met our realtor, Melody, to go house hunting.  We found the perfect house, but tried not to get our hopes up to get it. Friday evening, I was hired to take the pictures for Maegan's rehearsal and dinner at Monday Night Brewing.  It was such a cool place, and it was so much fun.  Saturday morning we went back to look at the house with dad, and then in the afternoon, Josh, me, and dad went to visit Lakepoint, which is only 15 minutes away from the new house.  Josh and I were able to play the first game of catch on the beautiful turf. Saturday was also the wedding, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  It was such a fun weekend, but we missed our babies.  Thankfully, Mamu and Big Pop took good care of them for us!
Alli loved her helmet she wore while hitting in the batting cage.

my gorgeous birthday cake by Aunt Boo

birthday dinner at Cincos

Playing catch at Lakepoint

Ready for the wedding at mom and dad's Atlanta house

Kimberly and Me

my favorite men

mom and the groom

watching iPad with a new friend while waiting on our plane in Atlanta

Playing with the candles before we cut the cake

sweet boy fell asleep on the plane

Kimberly and her sweet husband, Ralson

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