Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Visits

This past weekend my parents came into town, as well as my sister and her boyfriend, Ralson. This was the first time that my sister was able to see Lila since she was born. For those who don't know my sister, she was never one to love kids or babies, and was never a fan of babysitting or anything like that. I don't even think she has held a baby before Lila, so my parents and I were eager to see how she would be around Lila. She ended up LOVING holding Lila and was so cute around her the whole time. At one point in the weekend, she and Ralson were outside on the condo porch holding Lila in between them and Lila was fast asleep. It was the cutest sight! My dad took a bunch of pictures and I tried to upload them to my computer, but sadly enough, my computer wouldn't recognize his camera card. He's going to put them on a cd for me so I'll have them shortly. These were the last set of visitors for us for a while I think. We will be going to Atlanta for a friend's wedding in the middle of March, so my parents are already looking forward to that!

It'll be nice to be just Josh, me, and Lila for a couple of weeks. I've tried to get Lila on a schedule, and it seems to be going well, even with my family in town this weekend. They are good about working around our schedule though! Lila has been sleeping really well the past few nights (knock on wood!). Last night she slept four hours at a time before waking up to eat and slept from 9:30 p.m. to 9 a.m. only waking up twice. It feels great to get a few consecutive hours of sleep! Last night while she was laying in her pack-and-play, she was kicking her legs so much that it looked like she was trying to run a marathon! She had the most content look on her face as she kicked away. It was the funniest thing I've seen her do. I think she misses all of the activity she got while I was pregnant with her! The video link is down below under the pictures. I can't believe she'll be a month old in two days!!!


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