Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Girl's Weekend

No not an exciting wild night out with my girl peers, but a weekend with just Lila and me while dad was at work! I was dreading this weekend because I knew Josh would have to be at the Coast Guard Station from Friday morning to Monday morning. This is one of the first long weekends that he's had to work since having Lila. Needless to say, the thought of three and a half days of taking care of Lila with no help sounded very exhausting! However, it ended up being a WONDERFUL weekend! The weather was great, I met a new friend in the neighborhood, and I actually got to go to my Sunday School class again for the first time since she was born. We had a very busy weekend getting ready for house showings and going on VERY long walks in my jogging stroller that I got for Christmas. I am just using it now, because I felt like she was too small before; but she fits just fine and those straps tighten way down to keep her snug and comfy! Jogging strollers are wonderful for gorgeous days like we had this weekend. I also gave Lila a bath myself for the first time. Don't worry, she has been bathed many times, just not by me! She gets so slippery that it's scary to wash her...I know, I'm being ridiculous!!! But, she loves her bath now and we had a great time playing before and after. She is liking being naked more and more which makes changing her clothes and bathtime so much easier! Palm Sunday church was great, and it was so good to see some of my Sunday school friends again! Lila was good and quiet during class, and we went for a long Target shopping trip that afternoon. Josh came home on Monday afternoon after another house showing, and we had another great couple of days! Tonight we're getting ready for another house showing tomorrow! It's so sad to be selling our house but we've had 3 showings in the 3 days it's been on the market, so hopefully that's a good time! Keep us in your prayers! Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Having so much fun playing before our bath.
Look at that big ole' belly!
Playing in the nursery after our long walk with Chevy
Her little sneakers
Watching mom get ready in her Boppy bouncer one morning
Laying in her Boppy pillow before church on Palm Sunday
Fast asleep after one busy weekend! Ready for daddy to come home!

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