Friday, March 26, 2010

Latest Lila

I know I post a lot about Lila, but I want to use this blog to help me remember her milestones and developments. Plus, she's a lot more fun to talk about than my or Josh's life :-) I can't believe that she will be two months old a week from tomorrow. It really is flying by, and I try to take as many pictures as I can everyday! Digital cameras are so nice because you don't have to worry about only having 24 pictures per role as our parents did when we were kids. I think I only have a handful of pictures of me when I was a baby, compared to at least 500 (probably more) of Lila and she's only been alive 7 weeks! Some fun things that she is doing now is smiling a lot more when we play and especially when she is up in the morning, after I feed her, and when I take her out of her swaddle blanket. It is the cutest thing to see her light up with a big smile. It really makes the last 7 weeks worth it (not that it's been too difficult though-I'm lucky she is a good baby!). She is also using her leg muscles a lot more. She loves when we hold her upright as if she is standing. She gets a look on her face like she is concentrating so hard on holding her head up straight, which she is also doing a great job of. She loves for us to hold her in a seated position too so she can hold her head, she looks like she is so proud of herself when she controls her head! Also, she is trying to roll over and she can get all the way sideways before she rolls back on her back. She tries and tries, she even tries to use momentum by swinging her arms over, but she just isn't quite strong enough yet, but it sure won't be long! I'm still enjoying her being immobile, and not having to worry about chasing her all over the room yet! It's so much fun to watch her grow and develop and learn so many new things each day!!! I could watch her all day long (except from about 7-9 when she fusses more than the rest of the day...but that's what swings are for right?!?!). Here are some more pictures of Lila lately:

Actually enjoying tummy time for once, she doesn't like it very often!
Fast asleep in her swing
Looking up at the animal mobile on her swing-she spends a lot of time in her swing (can you tell?)
Daddy taking a nap after work and Lila laying in his arms
Loves to watch tv just like her dad
Getting a scrub-down in the sink after an explosion in the car seat (TMI??) haha
In her green swaddle, she looks like a little pea pod
In her swing...again, her hands just looked too cute!
Swing one more time, this time she is holding her favorite rattle

**Okay so I promise she doesn't spend EVERY minute of her day in her swing, but we're selling our house and there was a lot to do this week to get ready for a showing tomorrow :-)

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