Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend in Atlanta

What a wonderful extended weekend we had visiting friends and family in Atlanta!!! We got into town Thursday afternoon and met my parents, grandparents, and sister at Stoney River for my birthday dinner. It was delicious as always, and my grandparents enjoyed getting to spend some time with Lila. She sat and looked up at my grandmama (my dad's mom) and talked to her the whole dinner! Friday, we had our wedding photographer, Laura Negri, come to my parent's house to take Lila's 3-month pictures (although she'll be three months on May 3rd). She said that Lila was a gem and a breeze to photograph. I wonder if that's because she has had a camera in her face since the second she was born!?! We all wore white, and I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out! My parents left Friday to go to Ole Miss for my brother's fraternity parent's weekend, so Josh and I went to lunch at the River Club with Lila. We got to relax at the house a bit, and then my aunt Carol Anne and uncle Greg came over to visit with Lila and take us out to dinner for my birthday. I love when birthday celebrations last several days :-) ! We went to the Mexican restaurant up the street from my parent's house, and it was so much fun! Saturday (my actual birthday) we went to visit our friends Rachel and Kevin's little boy Liam. He was born April 12th, and will be Lila's boyfriend in a few years! He is such a cutie! I enjoyed holding him while we chatted. Saturday night, we went to our good friend, Brittany's wedding. Luckily the rain stopped for most of the ceremony and party, and we had so much fun seeing many of our high school friends. They loved to hold Lila, and she was passed around during the whole party. Josh loved that her outfit matched his! So cute! Lila had so much fun meeting all the new friends too! Sunday, Josh's parents came over to my parent's house and we all ate brunch up at the club. Then, Josh's cousins who have triplet boys and a girl toddler came over to the house also to swim. They are so cute and we had fun watching them play in the pool. Mamu held Lila while she slept the whole time! Lila was so good for her grandparents! Monday, we met our good friend Bryan for lunch at Cafe at Pharr so that we could visit and so he could meet Lila. After lunch, we headed over to Lenox and walked around while we waited for my mom to meet us for birthday shopping! Josh was such a trooper while he shopped with us at Neiman Marcus and actually picked out a few things for me to try on! My mom was impressed that he was participating. He spotted Sheree from the Real Housewives from Atlanta while shopping and we shopped around her hoping that we would get on camera, but the cameras weren't around...bummer! Once we were done shopping, we headed back up north and met my dad and sister for dinner before heading to Suwanee. I had such a great long birthday weekend, but it's always nice to be back at home! We leave on Tuesday for Houston to house-hunt! Wish us luck!

Family photo at the wedding reception

Lila and daddy with matching outfits

Some of the girls with the beautiful bride

Naked baby!

Playing with the strings on her Moses basket

Hanging by the pool with Mamu and Big Pop

Big Pop and Lila

The boys and little Emma playing in the hot tub

Lila playing in her bouncer/walker from her great-grandmama

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