Thursday, April 15, 2010

MOPS Tea and Testimonies

This past Tuesday we had a Tea and Testimonies day at our MOPS group. For those of you who don't know, MOPS is a mom's group that is held 2 Tuesdays a month at our church, Niceville United Methodist. It is a great group of Christian moms that get together and share stories, eat great food, and give praise to God. It is such a great ministry, and I have really enjoyed being a part of it for these past few months. MOPS is an international group, so I'm looking forward to finding a group in the Houston/Galveston area when we move! For our Tea we came up with a Springtime theme for our centerpiece. We each brought fresh flowers, vases, and bright springtime accessories to go with our table. We used sliced lemons and limes in the vases to bring some color to the bottom as well. It turned out really beautiful! Each table had a different theme, and they all looked amazing. Cortney's table, with a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme, won the contest. They all dressed in black dresses and pearls, had Tiffany blue boxes and silver pitchers and candles in the center, and it was so pretty! Two ladies gave their testimonies, which were very touching! It was so great to hear their struggles and triumphs in their walk with God. Here is a picture of the girls at our table and some of our flower centerpiece:

Our lovely MOPS table
One of our centerpieces
close up of the lemons and limes at the bottom of the vase, we did have ice in them which made the vase more full, but this is 2 days later-still looks good though!

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