Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Beach/Pool Trip

The weather here has been so nice the past few weeks that Josh and I were dying to get to the beach and of course take Lila for her first beach experience. Saturday, we took her down to the beach at my parent's condo here in Destin. The water was a little cold so we just dipped her little toes in for a second. She wasn't too crazy about the sand, and I don't blame her, it's not my favorite part either! She also hates her hat, or really anything on her head, but she posed for a few pictures with it. We kept her under an umbrella for a bit at the beach, then took her to the pool. The pool there is heated so she loved it!!! We only got her little feet and legs in because we didn't want to have to fool with her diaper. Yesterday, my parents and I took Lila down to the pool for a full-body swim. Josh had to go back to work and was so sad that he had to miss it! I played with her in the pool for a while until my dad wanted to take over. He had the best time swimming with her; it brought him back to the days of swimming with me in the pool when I was little. She was so cute, and she was kicking her legs the whole time. She is going to be such a little water bug when she is old enough to swim on her own. She had such a good time kicking and moving her arms in the water, and I think it made my dad's year to play with her! I'm sure we'll be making many more trips to the beach before we leave Destin!!!

All dressed up and ready for the beach
Laying underneath the umbrella
Toes in the sand
Family phto
Footprints in the sand
Getting in the pool
Napping on daddy
Napping with mommy
3 Generations of first-born girls
Playing with Lila in the pool
My dad playing with Lila
So starving after swimming! She's got a death grip on her bottle!

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