Monday, April 12, 2010

New Milestone

Lila HATES tummy time! I'm not sure why, but she hates it. She usually fusses the whole time as if she is really frustrated or angry at me for making her do it. However, the past few days she hasn't hated it quite so much. She has also been lifting up all the way on her forearms. She looks so proud and happy to be able to lift herself up that high! Today, while I was making her do tummy time, she lifted up really high on her forearms and then all of a sudden she just flipped over on her back. She flipped so hard that she almost got airborne! I'm sure she was so happy to figure out a way to get out of tummy time! After that, I thought it might be a fluke, so I rolled her back over on her tummy (she didn't like that very much!) and PLOP over she went again! I couldn't believe it!!! I let her hang out on her back for a few minutes, which she was very happy about, before rolling her back on her tummy. She would not have it anymore and fussed, so I gave up and decided that was a good enough tummy time session for me! I'm so proud of my increasingly mobile little girl! The days of setting her places and knowing she won't go anywhere are officially gone!

Getting out of her bath-rockstar style

Crazy hair-do

Tummy time with Chevy
Sneaking in a smile
"Hi Mom!"
Daddy-daughter-Chevy time on the couch

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