Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life in Texas so far

We've been in Texas now for a month now, and, to tell you the truth, it feels just like Florida. It's hot, humid, and rainy on most afternoons. If you don't like the weather here (or in Florida), just wait 30 minutes, and you will have something different! The heat hasn't been quite as intense as I'd prepared myself for; however, I don't have to work outside in it like Josh does! I also think that living in Florida prepared me for the heat. 

Lila's new roommate...didn't have to deal with these creatures in Florida!

We've been enjoying ourselves, getting the final touches finished on our house (Josh is glad that all the pictures are finally hung), meeting new friends, and trying to find a church home. Josh is getting used to his new job in the Coast Guard cutter, Skipjack and is getting all of his qualifications signed off on so that he doesn't have to stand duty on the boat every third day anymore. When they are in port he currently has to work a normal 8am-4pm workday in addition to standing duty (which is staying the night on the boat to make sure it doesn't sink) every three days. After he is "broken in," he only has to stand duty every 6 days, which will be so much nicer! I feel like he has had to work so much in the last three weeks! They also have to get underway one-two weeks out of the month and are on a recall status, which means if they get home after being at work for 8 hours, they might be recalled back to the boat to go off-shore again. When he first told me this, I thought, "yeah right, how often is that going to happen??" Well, let me tell you, A LOT! The first week that he started work, he got recalled at 10 o'clock at night! UGH! Try planning anything when your husband's schedule is like that! 

I'm sorry, I'm finished complaining about my husband's job! I know every wife and mother gets frustrated with her husband's job. If I had it my way, he would only work 2-3 hours per week and still get paid the same! Doesn't work like that though :-( 

Ready for a day at the beach

After being home alone with Lila for two weeks with a husband who has to work all the time, I decided to join several different mom's groups to meet some new moms in the area. So far, I'm younger than most of the moms, but I could care less. They are adults, and can actually converse with me using real words (not that I don't love Lila's "googoo's", "gaagaa's", "daadaa's," etc)! 

With the mom's group, Lila and I went to Moody Gardens in Galveston. It is a really neat place with different attractions located in the same area. There is a water park, aquarium, IMAX theatre, and a beach/splash pad area. I met a couple moms at the Palm Beach area which has a pool designed to look like a beach, as well as sand, beach chair, and fountains.  Lila had so much fun watching the big kids dig in the sand and make sandcastles. She also had a great time playing in the sand herself. She would pick up big clumps and throw it or drop it, and she even tried to eat it. She is such a beach baby and loves every minute of being in the water or playing with the sand. 
Loving life at Moody Gardens

Josh finally has a whole weekend off (even though its Friday-Saturday, and has duty again on Sunday) so we are excited to spend time as a family. We are going over to one of his new co-workers houses for a cookout on Saturday. Their family just had a baby girl a few weeks ago, so I'm excited to meet them! 

Silly face to leave you with

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