Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're Home!!!

I feel like it's been forever since my last post! Since then we've had quite a few eventful and busy days! We packed up the car from the Destin condo early Wednesday morning and headed out on our 10-hour car ride to League City, Texas. Josh had Chevy in the car with him while my mom drove Lila and me in my car. Surprisingly, we only had to stop four times, one being solely because Lila had a diaper that desperately needed to be changed! I thought that we would have to stop more often to use the restroom and to eat...I mean, 10 hours is a LoooooNG time! I really hate to be in a car for a long period of time, and I used to dread our 6-hour drive from Florida to Atlanta, but this drive wasn't so bad. I think the fact that I knew I only had to do it once helped a bit. We drove over 500 miles on I-10 alone which was pretty neat because we got to see a ton of little bayous in Lousianna. I-10 was mainly bridges the whole way through Lousianna which my mom and I were discussing must have cost a fortune!

We got to the hotel at around seven o' clock and met my dad who had flown from Atlanta to meet us for the house closing. Of course we had to eat some Tex-Mex for dinner! I definitely have to join a gym asap because of all these delicious restaurants around here! We closed on the house Thursday morning, and later that afternoon, Robert (my mom's handy man/mover) brought over a truck full of some furniture from my parent's house that we are using in our house as well as my First Grade teacher supplies and materials. I know my mom was thrilled for me to finally have everything in my house rather than her garage. We were able to get two rooms set up before the moving truck with all of our other things showed up on Monday. We didn't have any moving to do Saturday and Sunday so we were able to enjoy the area with my dad before he had to fly back to Atlanta. We drove around Galveston Island, ate at Kemah Boardwalk, and showed my dad all of the ball fields around town (he puts family-centered shopping centers near ball fields).

The movers came with all of our things from the Florida house on Monday, and everything was unloaded from the truck within a couple of hours before the rain started. The next three days were an unpacking blur! Finally, today, five days later, we are somewhat settled in! There are just a few things left to organize in the nursery and playroom (I'm waiting on a chandelier for the nursery for it to be complete), Josh has to install three of our tvs, we have to take five huge boxes to Goodwill, Christmas boxes need to be put in the attic, and there are about 5 more boxes of random things to unpack in the garage. I'm so ready to be DONE with everything, but as my mom says, "moving is a marathon, not a sprint." Wise words!

Here are a few pics of rooms that are mostly finished:
Breakfast room
The study
The Playroom
Guest bedroom

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