Monday, December 13, 2010

Macy's Pink Pig

Last Monday when I was in Atlanta, my mom and I took Lila to Lenox mall to ride the Pink Pig. The Pink Pig ride has been an Atlanta holiday tradition for decades, and I was so excited to take Lila on it as she is the perfect age to enjoy it...and boy did she ever! The ride is in a white tent that is decorated with pig pictures, stuffed animals, and bright pink lights everywhere. The ride is basically a train that is in the shape of a pig. It was a buy one-get one free day so we got to ride it twice, and Lila LOVED it. She was so cute as she kept looking around at all of the decorations and sights throughout the ride. I'm going to have to take her back next year as well!
Lila and Priscilla the Pink Pig
 The entrance to the ride
 Lila and me before the ride
 Everything was in PINK...I love it!
 Mom, Lila, and me on the ride
 Looking at all of the sights, taking it all in!
 The old pig that they used to use, I loved its tail in the back.
 Looking for a treasure to take home in the gift shop after the ride.

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