Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SEC Champs

It's GREAT to be an AUBURN TIGER!!

It has been one super busy weekend, and I have about 4 blog posts to write, but first comes first. Our Auburn Tigers are 2010 SEC Champs and on their way to the National Championship game in Arizona!!! Now, I went into this weekend with nothing but the hope that I would eventually score a ticket to this coveted game. I flew to Atlanta for the game (and to visit my parents...but really for the game) that, by-the-way, I didn't have tickets to! It sounds crazy, but somehow I had faith that we would end up inside the Dome.
My dad, sister, and my sister's boyfriend, Ralson all decided to head downtown on Saturday. Kimberly and Ralson got there pretty early to tailgate with friends, while my dad and I waited until about 1 p.m. to head down to try to find tickets. Now, let me preface this by saying that my dad had previously tried to find tickets to this game for about 12 days before this and was completely unsuccessful. He tried asking the previous owner of the Peach Bowl, a high-up guy in charge of the now, Chick-Fil-A bowl, he even tried a state senator, and no one had tickets. He found some on Craig's List for a ridiculous price, and it was in the South Carolina section, so we held out for something better, and boy are we glad we did!?!
After visiting with my in-laws that morning, I met my dad in Alpharetta at about 1 p.m. so that we could head to the Dome to try and find tickets. When we got in the car to start driving downtown my dad looks at his phone and sees that one of his friends from his neighborhood had called him and left a message. He doesn't call everyday, but he did know that we were looking for tickets, so my dad called him back before we headed down. Turns out that another friend from the neighborhood had a box suite deal that fell through and was looking to give away (not SELL) her tickets to whoever wanted them! It was like a dream come true, and my dad and I couldn't believe our ears! Of course my dad still paid for the tickets, but we got them at pretty much face value because of our wonderful host of our suite. We were able to get 5 tickets, and watched the game with my sister, Ralson, and my Uncle Greg who is also an Auburn alum, all while very cozy in our suite on the 45-yard line with all of the food and beverages (and our own private restroom!!) that we could want. It really was a magical night and one that I'm SO glad that I flew home for. Of course, seeing family wasn't too bad either!
Our tickets were great, but Auburn was even better!! It was my first time seeing them play in person since I graduated, and what a game to go to!! Cam Newton is superman, and I'm just praying that he turns down his MULTI-million dollar NFL draft deal that I'm sure they will give him to play for us another year...haha yeah right, I won't hold my breath! 

 Next task = finding tickets, flights, and hotel to Glendale for less than my house payment!!

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