Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Yesterday, Lila and I joined the Braseltons on a trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It was such a gorgeous day outside, and I even got a little sun, which is always nice! We walked around the shopping booths inside for a while and then let the girls down to walk around for a bit, and of course had to stop for a photo op as well. 

Afterwards, we took the girls to see the cattle, roosters, chickens, baby chicks, and hatching eggs. Lila really loved looking at all of the animals, especially the cows, and I loved watching the baby chicks hatch out of the eggs. We had to choose what to eat for lunch from the 100+ food venders at the rodeo (I've never seen so much delicious food in one place in my whole life!).  I settled on some Mexican food, surprise surprise, but Lila was too interested in people watching to eat. 

We walked around the carnival area after lunch while Karsyn and Lila slept, and when they woke up, we made our way to the petting zoo. Lila was so terrified of all of the baby goats that were walking around freely. I've never actually seen her scared of anything, but the poor baby would shake when they would get close to her because they kept knocking her down. She finally warmed up to them and got used to the animals roaming around and could enjoy her time a little more. She found a black sheep that she liked and pet him for a long while.  

We walked around the carnival area a little longer after visiting the petting zoo before heading home to try and beat some of the rush hour traffic. I'm so glad that we got a chance to go to the rodeo this year, it is such a fun thing that Houston puts on! Next year, hopefully Josh and I can make it to see the actual Rodeo competition and some shows! Thanks Braseltons for including us in your family trip!!

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