Monday, March 28, 2011

Low-Key Monday

I woke up not feeling 100%, mainly due to allergies caused by the pollen, so Lila and I have had a pretty low-key day. She started off the morning as usual by playing, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and reading in her playroom before we met a friend and her baby up at the library for Book Babies. I had never gone to book babies before, but it was a really cute program, and Lila really enjoyed all of the songs. Afterwards, we (she) tested out the baby pool. It is cloudy and a little chilly outside, so we I didn't last very long, but Lila was having a great time climbing in and out. This type of weather makes me just want to put on pjs and lay around all day, so that's pretty much what I've been doing ever since Lila has been napping... even though I should be finishing my research paper.
What's a blog post without pictures?!? so,  here are some pictures of our day:
 playing outside with Chevy
 Reading her Sesame Street book
 I just love watching her push her toys around...and the back of her outfit
 crying because the book she is carrying is a lot heavier than she thought it was
 testing out the water
 It's cold, but I'm going in anyways!
 having so much fun
I'm cold, time to get out!

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