Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lila's Favorite Drawer

We have about 30 cabinets in our kitchen, and I'm not exaggerating!! Okay maybe I am a bit, but we really have a ton of cabinets! At first, we were just going to baby lock the ones that had dangerous utensils or chemicals in them, but after cleaning up spilled pots, pans, and plastic containers multiple times a day, we decided to bite the bullet and baby proof every cabinet...except one.

Lila loves to pull out the drawer under the oven (where we store out pot holders and cookie sheets) and store her toys as well as pull things out and put things back in this special drawer. I think she likes it so much because it's at her perfect height, but whatever the reason, it keeps her entertained for a very long time, which makes me happy! I managed to snap some pictures of her playing this morning. Most of them came out blurry because she was moving so much, but they still show her love for her favorite drawer.
Here mama, you can have them

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