Thursday, July 7, 2011

38-Week Alli Update

This morning I had my 38-week doctor's appointment, and I was really nervous about it because I was going to talk to my doctor about speeding this process along. I am still between 2 and 3 cm dilated, but I'm almost completely thinned out, which is good.  I am normally a really patient person (and I am definitely cherishing the last few days of us being a family of 3), but Josh is scheduled to go back out on his boat next Thursday, July 14th thru Monday, July 18th (6 days before my due date and come back 2 days before), and this time they are talking about going all the way to Louisiana to do shrimp boat boardings.  I thought for sure that Josh's command wouldn't make him go out this time since that is right when this baby is due, however, he acted like they were still going to make him go if there was no baby by then. It was really stressing me out that Josh might be several 100 miles away from Galveston on his boat and miss the birth of our daughter. Long story short, I told my doctor this morning that Josh would possibly have to be gone starting next Thursday, and he suggested that he would just induce me on Wednesday to solve that problem! I just love my doctor and his willingness to work with me on this! Now I'm just nervous about the induction process! Lila came on her own in just 3.5 hours, so this will definitely be a different experience. 
Now that I have a baby day on the calendar, it feels so much more real! I can't believe that we will get to meet our little baby Alli in just 6 days or less! Wish us luck for a fast and painless (ha yeah right!) delivery!! 

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