Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adjusting to life with 2

This house just got a LOT busier, even though all of our guests have left. I feel like I am constantly feeding someone whether it's giving Lila her breakfast/lunch/dinner, or nursing Alli (every hour somedays), and someone is always demanding mine or Josh's attention. With that said, I am so thankful to have two beautiful healthy girls no matter how much more busy that they make me. I don't do well with down-time anyways :) Thankfully, Alli is sleeping well at night and giving us 3-4 hours of un-interrupted sleep on most nights which makes entertaining Lila during the days much more manageable!

I do feel a little bad for Lila though because we haven't really gotten out of the house other than a short Target shopping trip in the last week. Josh and I are going to take her to her gymnastics class again this coming week, and hopefully the pool, but that might be a little too ambitious haha. Thankfully, Lila is still doing well with the new addition.
 7/20 one week old
 asleep on daddy's chest
 sweet little feet

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  1. You definitely have your hands full but I'm sure every day is a new adventure :)



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