Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend (picture overload!)

Josh had to work most of the weekend, so it was just Lila, me, and Grammy until daddy got home on Monday afternoon. We spent some time at the neighborhood pool on Saturday. It was such a nice day, and Lila had a great time (as always) jumping off the side into our arms.
We took it easy on Sunday since I didn't want to go into labor while Josh was gone off-shore with his boat. We went to church and tried a local country-cooking restaurant for the first time which was so delicious. Naps were in order for everyone after stuffing our face with all sorts of rolls, cornbread, beans, and fried goodness. After Lila went to sleep for the night, Grammy and I got to decorating her stroller for the Fourth of July Teddy Bear Parade the next morning.
our decorating supplies
Fourth of July hair bow
On Monday, the fourth, we dressed in our red, white, and blue, snapped a few pictures, then made our way to old-town League City for the Teddy Bear Parade. There were several age groups for the stroller/bike/wagon decoration contest. It was such a cute parade through the older part of League City and ended in Butler's Courtyard, which is such a gorgeous place in the city that I've never seen before.  Lila's stroller won first place for decorations in her age division, and she had the best time running around the courtyard visiting with two little dogs and all of the other people that were there for the parade.
 sleepy riding in the parade
 our decorated stroller
 37 weeks 5 days
 last stop on the parade
 looking at the fountain with her friend, Hailey
We got home just in time for lunch and for Josh to get home from work. Josh and I put Lila down for a nap and headed to the pool while Grammy stayed at the house.  It was so nice (and weird-feeling) to go to the pool without Lila. We were actually able to relax in the water and in the sun without having to worry about chasing a very busy toddler around. That night, we cooked out and ate hot dogs, baked beans, and Grammy's homemade potato salad, then went on a long walk around the neighborhood. We were all too exhausted to stay up for the fireworks, but watched a few of them from the front yard.
daddy pushing Lila on her princess mobile
Lila in her pillowcase dress that Mamu made her
 Lila didn't want to have to share her flag with Chevy (hence the mean face-she can be such a stinker!)

(please excuse the squeaky shoes)
It was a great holiday for us and I hope it was for you too!

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  1. Those squicky shoes tickled me to death!!!!!



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