Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lila Welcomes Alli Home

We got home from the hospital Friday afternoon, and we are so happy to finally be here! It was nice to be able to have the nurses watch Alli for a few hours each night so that we could get some sleep though. When we got home, Lila was waiting for us and was so excited to see her baby sister again. She gave her more kisses and really enjoyed patting her on her arm and rubbing her head. She is surprisingly gentle when she wants to be.

We are really enjoying having our whole family of four together in our house. It's so surreal that God has blessed us with these two beautiful girls! Good thing our dog is a boy because Josh is quite outnumbered now :)
 Alli all ready to go home in the same outfit that I wore as well as big sister Lila wore home from the hospital
 Daddy excited to get home
 So tiny in her carseat
 Lila excited to see baby sister again
 checking out the baby
 kisses for the baby
 Showing Alli her nursery
 Lila holding Alli for the first time
 sisters pointing at each friends already!

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