Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Day in the Life of an Almost 2-Year-Old

Step 1: Wake Up

Step 2: Take off pajamas and diaper while still in crib...and tee tee all over the place (I didn't manage to capture this particular moment)

Step 3: Mommy comes in to find current situation...the look on Lila's face lets me know that she knew that she did something that she wasn't supposed to!

Step 4: Play with Minnie Mouse while mommy cleans up the mess, gets breakfast ready, and gets sister ready (must be nice to have everything done for you!) :).
Step 5: Devour waffle while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Step 6: Bible study with mommy to play with friends.

Step 7: A delicious lunch containing her three main food groups (bread, cheese, and ketchup)...her fourth (fruit) was the snack on the way home from the church.
Step 8: Dress up and play with stickers time.
Step 9: Watch a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode and play with sister.

Step 10: NAP TIME!! hallelujah!

Step 11: wake up full of energy...terrorize play with your sister in the playroom.

Step 12: enjoy a messy dinner of pasta with meat sauce, peas and carrots, and a slice of pizza that mommy ordered.
Step 13: TUBBY TIME!
Step 14: Naked victory lap around the house squealing with delight.
Step 15: watch some more Mickey Mouse and play with kitchen

Step 16: Bed time to rest so that she can wake up to do it all again tomorrow!


  1. I am Katie Fannings sister and I read your blog often because I love blogs. Great post!

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