Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clear Lake UMC Pumpkin Patch

I had a portrait cancellation last Saturday morning, so we took advantage of the free time and headed to Clear Lake United Methodist Church's pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins for the fall.  Lila has always loved pumpkins, and she was absolutely in heaven at the pumpkin patch. Right when we pulled up to the parking lot, she screamed "Pumpkins!!!!" and couldn't believe that she got to actually see all of them in person.

She walked around the patch picking up her choices and putting them into our wagon. She also insisted on pulling the wagon the entire time, which got pretty heavy towards the end! Alli enjoyed hanging out on the pumpkins for some photo ops with big sister, and Lila picked out a pumpkin specially for her. It was a great morning, and I'm so glad that the girls were able to enjoy the patch early before the pumpkins get too picked over!
hanging out at home before going to the patch

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