Monday, October 8, 2012

September iPhone Dump

I have been taking more pictures on my phone and less on my "real" camera this month, so I need somewhere to put them. Most of them don't warrant a blog post on their own, but I wanted to make sure they get in the book at the end of the year :)
stopped by J&M bookstore after my photo shoot in Auburn

minutes before she walked down the aisle 

Lila loved the St. Regis elevator

having fun in the bridal room

side ponytail :)

Alli stealing Lila' s breakfast

Bonefish Grill desserts

Happy Birthday, Emily!

"so coooold"

before picture day at school

showing off her art outside her classroom

a little redecoration with her Sunday School project stickers

fall pictures

loving her happy meal apples

the beautiful St. Regis...our home for Kimbo's wedding!

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  1. LOVE the pictures!

    Not sure what it is, but I nominated you for some kinda Sisterhood Blog Award! Which means I love your blog :-)

    Check it out ~



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