Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fifteen Months Old *October 13, 2012*

Wow, 15 months old...and still such a little peanut :) She is such a sweet baby, and is getting over her short case of separation anxiety that she had this past month. She has also gone from walking, to walking fast, to running this month.  She and Lila have a growing bond, and they like to spend many nights locked in the playroom watching movies and giggling together. She looks more like her daddy's twin each day, especially with her stick-straight, brown-haired little mullet that she is growing. She is such a joy, and I can't believe that this time last year she was barely able to roll over by herself!
Here's what you're up to this month:

*You are almost 19 pounds and are about 28.25 inches tall.

*You have EIGHT teeth now. Two of them sprang up last month.

*You still love to wave and say "hi" to everyone. You also say "bye" sometimes, but that's more rare.

*You love Chevy and actually call him "dog".

*You say "mah" for milk and go straight for the fridge when you are thirsty for it. You still drink about 4 full cups per day in your Playtex sippies.
*You still clap when we say "Yay Alli!". You will also smile really big when we say "I'm gonna get you"...that worked really well at our portrait session last weekend.

*You love to play phone, and will use many things as pretend phones. You say "hi" and smile really big when you hold them to your ear."
*You are starting to hold your own really well against Lila now. The other day you ran her off because she was actually afraid of you! Way to go, Alli!

*You love to turn light switches on and off, and you get so excited to see the reaction to the switch.
*As you can see from the pictures, you are still in love with your paci...not sure when we'll get rid of this!

*You love to just walk around the house. You like to roll this color wheel pull toy around, or you are just as happy walking in circles around the house.

*You and Lila love to lock us out of your playroom or room and play together. It's so sweet to hear your giggles with each other.
*You still love to climb on tables and chairs.  You like to stand up on the chairs and look to your daddy because it makes him really nervous.

*Your favorite toys are riding toys, push/pull toys, remotes, phones, pens or crayons, puzzles, and little critters.
*Still taking 2 naps most days...one at 9:30 for about 45 minutes and the other at 2pm for around 2 hours.
*Bedtime is at 7:45 and you wake up around 7-7:30. You will play in your bed for a long while before we get you out at around 8am.

*Your eating habits are so random these days. You will eat the baby food pouches sometimes, but you love anything in the form of a cracker or bread. You love sweets, waffles, and grapes. You will eat Gerber ravoli as well as the pinwheel pasta meals.
*You are completely off the bottle, and just one day refused it and started drinking out of Lila's cups. The sippy cup transition was SO much easier than I had anticipated it being!

*Still wearing size 3 diapers, wearing 12 month pjs, and 9-12 month clothes (some 6 month dresses still fit).
*Two weeks ago you went through a terrible separation anxiety stage. It only lasted for two weeks, and you are back to your normal, social self. You still love school and have a great time with your teachers and friends. They say you have a little boyfriend that you play with everyday too.
*We are looking forward to your second Halloween in a few weeks!

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