Monday, July 22, 2013

Alli's Second Birthday 7*13*13

We kicked off Alli's actual birthday with a Chick-Fil-A cinnamon roll breakfast complete with two birthday candles.  She was way more into her lit birthday candles at first than her cinnamon roll, and she blew them out with no problems.  I was worried that she'd be scared of the fire like her sister was when she was two, but she had absolutely no fear. 

After she blew out her candles, she dug right into her cinnamon roll (we usually don't let them have their own, but hey, it's her birthday!).  We played the rest of the morning before Josh, my dad, and I left to go buy a minivan. 

The car buying process took most of the day, so the girls spent the day with their Yeye, but they had a wonderful day! I still cannot believe that my little, tiny, Alli boo is two years old, and she is such a joy to us!

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