Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fourth of July *part 2*

After we got home from the parades, we quickly changed into our bathing suits and took off for the neighborhood pool.  The weather was great, and since we got there early, there weren't many people at all.  Lila kept making new friends with all of the kids that came and went, and Alli spent her time getting more and more comfortable with her puddle jumper life jacket.  She was so funny splashing around and face-diving into the water. We still have yet to get her to swim with her mouth closed though, as she keeps it WIDE open the entire time that she's in the water.
waiting patiently for adult swim to be over
I think they ate more than they swam
When we got back home, we grilled out hamburgers for lunch.  Once lunch was over, it was time for naps to rest up for the church junkfood jamboree picnic.  The church had two bouncy castles, one for the littles and one for the bigger kids (which was so smart!), and the girls had the best time jumping around and sliding down the big bouncy slide.  We ate some delicious traditional fourth of july food (bbq and hot dogs), and the girls had some yummy ice cream.
I love the girls' faces in this one
a little better
I'll take it :)
29 weeks on July 4th
enjoying a sucker before heading to the church picnic
sliding down the bouncy house slide
chowing down on an ice cream sandwich 
Alli enjoying Lila's leftovers
big tent at the church
We were all so worn out from our big day, that we didn't quite make it to the fireworks show, but it was an awesome day none-the-less!

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