Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grant's Nursery Progress

I've been meaning to blog about the progress we've made in the nursery for a while now, but with work being super busy, I kept forgetting.  We pretty much finished the main decorating and setting up of the nursery about a month ago, so now it is time to wash and organize the clothes.  I also can't stand seeing empty places on the walls where canvases will go, but I obviously must wait for him to get here to have pictures for the canvas and frames.  I am so excited for how it turned out, and I think it will be a calming (hopefully) and cute space for him!
goodbye pink...hello blue!
Josh working hard finishing up the painting
all painted
crib switched out, just need to get a new slip cover for the glider

Alli looked like she slept alright in Lila's old crib
Grant's crib bedding
fun sale nursery find
the girls were dying to see the changes to Lila's old room
clothes and presents from the Atlanta shower to organize in his closet



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