Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of School '13-'14

The first day of preschool at Happy Harbor for the 2013-2014 school year was on Wednesday, September 4th.  Lila and Alli were both so excited to get into their classrooms and play with their friends.

My mom came with me, and we dropped Lila off first so that Alli didn't think we were leaving her without dropping off Lila too.  Lila went right to her table and started playing with the playdough that the teachers had put out for them.  After a few kisses goodbye, she was off and having a blast.  We then went to take Alli to her class, and I got caught talking with a friend in the hallway.  Alli went ahead without me and ran to her door and waited for Ms. Renee to let her inside. Alli didn't look back, and we both just had to hollar "goodbye Alli" from the door as Alli ran to play with her new friends.  I'm so glad that the girls love their school, and I think it will be a fantastic year!
Hard at work already
Lila was so excited to have Alli at her school this year

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