Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grant's Birth Story

39 weeks, ready for the induction
His birth story is very anticlimactic, but it was the easiest birth yet. I wanted to make sure that I wrote it down while it's still fresh on my mind. Here's his story:

We showed up to the hospital (Clear Lake Regional) at 6:30am for our scheduled induction.  They quickly got us in a room (C. 313), snapped a few last pictures, and I got changed into my gown.  I got into the bed, they hooked up the monitors, got my IV started, and pushed the first bags of fluids. Doctor Klein came in at around 7:15am, checked my cervix (dilated to 4cm), and broke my water; there was no turning back after that!

The nurse started the pitocin drip around 8:00am, and I started to feel mild contractions at around 8:30am.  Our birth photographer arrived about that time, and we were able to sit and chat for a while before the contractions got painful.  The pitocin drip was at 4 (whatever unit of measurement they use) for a while, so I told the nurse to go ahead and kick it up if that was allowed.  She moved it from 4 to 12 within 30 minutes, and the contraction pain went from about a 3 to an 8/9 in that 30 minutes...definitely time for the epidural!

It was around 10:20am when I got the epidural, and it literally made me feel like a new woman (what did people do without this magic?!?!?!)!! After the epidural was in place, the nurse checked my progress, and I was dilated to 7cm (getting closer!). Josh and Wendi were allowed to come back shortly after, and we all just relaxed and talked (mainly about the A&M/Alabama game) for a while.

Our nurse went to lunch around 11:30am since she knew it wouldn't be long before Grant would be here, so we were on our own for a bit.  Doctor Klein came in at 12:14pm (I know the exact time thanks to my wonderful birth photographer, Wendi) in the hopes of delivering this baby on his lunch break (in his words "I love having babies for lunch!" haha). He checked me, and I was, in fact, ready to go.

My nurse was still eating lunch, so Dr. Klein had to push my call button to get someone in to help him. He said that he wanted to cause some panic for fun, so when they answered the call, he screamed "Baby's Coming!!".  He really wanted someone to come running in out of breath, and he was a little disappointed when a nurse came walking in very calm (he's such a nut!).  They called my nurse, and she was already on her way into the room.  Dr. Klein had everything all set up already, so once the nurse got there, it was go time. It took two contractions and 2.5 pushes, and Grant Joshua was in this world at 12:22pm.  I was able to immediately reach down and pull him onto my chest in all his gooey-ness.  He had the sweetest little cry, and it was so nice that the nursery workers could do all of his first assessments and measurements with him on my chest while Dr. Klein finished up.  I didn't need any stitches, so it was a really easy recovery experience.
We are so thankful that he's here, healthy, and happy, and that the delivery went smoothly! I can't imagine our lives without him, and we are so blessed. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

For this child, I prayed, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 
1 Samuel 1:27


  1. I can't wait to meet him. Congratulations to you and your family!

  2. So sweet! What a precious little family! Welcome to the world, Baby Grant!



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