Monday, September 16, 2013

Fun in the hospital

Our hospital stay was really nice, minus all of the nurses coming in at every hour of the day, but that's to be expected.  There were a few nurses that I absolutely loved, and I really wished that we could have taken them home with us! We spent most of the days visiting with our friends and family, staring at and holding baby Grant, and sleeping... a little.  Grant wanted to party from about 9pm until around 2am, so he got to spend some good quality time in the nursery so Josh and I could actually sleep for a few hours, but we still love our little midnight party animal.

Some pictures from our hospital stay:
beautiful flowers from Yeye and Edaddy
early morning conversations
just drinking in his sweet smell...I really wish I could bottle that smell up forever!
those big feet! and holding up a #1 finger

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