Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alli: 24-27 Months

Now that Alli is officially two years old, I am condensing the monthly posts into one post every three months. It makes it a little easier to remember the small things while the bigger things won't change as fast now that she's two. She has grown up so much in the past three months, and she has definitely gotten a more "two-year-old" attitude here lately. She's such a joy to be around, and she always keeps us laughing!
July-August 2013 (24-25 months): 
*You are saying so many words and phrases. My favorites are: "what are we going to do," "oh no!", "thank you mommy," "where's daddy," "where is it?," "there it is,"
*You love taking vitamins, it doesn't even matter what kind. You will take the Flinstone's hard ones or the Disney gummies.
*You love making animal sounds and you will quiz yourself by saying "what's cow go...moooo", "what's duck go....quack quack".
*You love watching Monster's Inc. and have the cutest little scream.
*You are very particular about what you wear, and you love your Keds. You pitch a huge fit when we try to take them off of you.
*You don't like your sandals very much, and you take them off every chance that you get.
*You love to sing and dance
August-September 2013 (25-26 months):
*You started 2-year old preschool at Happy Harbour with Ms. Roni and Ms. Renee.  You love your teachers and were so happy to get to your class on the first day of school.
*You got a new baby brother this month, and you seem to love him a lot.  You haven't acted out as much as I thought you would have, and you love to give him lots of kisses.
*You love to "hold" your brother, and you are learning to be very gentle with him.
September-October 2013 (26-27 Months):
*You have gotten even sillier these past few months, and you are becoming a little wild child.
*You love to jump, dance, spin, and you spend most of your nap times jumping in your crib like it's a trampoline.
*You are really into Dumbo this month.
*You're favorite foods here lately are raspberries, bananas, waffles, Danimals yogurt, and macaroni and cheese.
*You are the silliest girl, and you love to make funny faces.
*You love your baby Grant, and you have gotten so gentle with him. You are great at holding him, and you love to give him lots and lots of kisses.
*You love pumpkins, and you will play with them all day long. You stack them, sort them, and hide them all around the house.

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