Sunday, October 13, 2013

One Month Old *October 12, 2013*

This seriously was, hands-down, the fastest month of our entire lives to date!  Adding a third baby to our family was a much more seamless transition than adding Alli, and I think that has to do with our girls being older and having each other to play with and to keep entertained.  Grant has been such a dream baby so far, except for the fact that he just wants to eat alllll.daayy.loong. If he's awake, he wants to be attached to me, and I canNOT wait until he can start getting more bottles to give me a bit of a break :) His sisters are absolutely infatuated with him, and it warms our hearts to watch them interact with him and dote all over him.  
Here's what you've been up to your first month:

*You weigh 10.8 pounds (according to my home scale, which I think weighs a little heavy).
*You have started to have more of a sleeping schedule these past few weeks.  You go to bed between 9:30 and 10:30 and wake up for the first time between midnight and 2am.  You will usually wake up every 2/3 hours after that until you are up for good between 7:30 and 8:30am.
*During the day, you'll take a morning nap from about 11am-12:30ish, an afternoon nap from about 2:30-5pm, and another nap around 7pm for about an hour.

*You nap at the same time as your sisters, thank goodness! I'm not sure how I'd get anything done if you didn't!

*We keep you swaddled at naptime and nighttime.  You love to be wrapped up all the time though.

*You started to get newborn acne right at 3 weeks, and it is still pretty bad. :(

*Your cord fell off at exactly two weeks, thank goodness!

*You sleep in your Rock N' Play at night and your long nap.  You don't like to sleep flat, so you didn't love your bassinet.

*You want to eat every 1.5-2.5 hours during the day, and you like to cluster feed at night from about 6-9pm.

*You don't love either of your swings.  You will fall asleep in your swing on a rare occasion during the day, but at night, you'd rather be in your Rock N' Play.

*You did a great job with your circumcision. What a different world little boys are already!

*You weighed 7 pounds 9.7 ounces at your 5 day check-up and 8 pounds 8.1 ounces at your 2-week check-up.  You also grew 1.5 inches in that week as well. All of that eating paid off!

*You are such a relaxed, sweet baby, but when you are awake, you really love to eat.

*Nursing is going well, and we are still using the shield to help you latch.  I haven't tried to nurse without it simply because it's so easy to use it.

*You had your first bottle at 3 weeks and 5 days.  It took you almost 30 minutes of fighting to give in and drink from it.  You didn't like the new Medela nipples, but you eventually settled on the new Avent bottle nipples.

*We moved you out of newborn diapers at two weeks old.  You were leaking out of them every time you'd go to the bathroom. The size 1s keep you dry much longer!

*You still can wear most of your newborn clothes except a few sleepers than ran small.  You can also wear 0-3 month clothes and some small 3 month outfits.

*You follow our voices with your eyes, and you really love it when your sister, Lila talks to you.  You will stare at her whenever she talks.

*You are really strong and can lift and move your head around already. You love tummy time, and you push your legs around and can even scoot yourself forward a bit.

*You really don't like your car seat.  The only time you're quiet in your car seat is when you are sleeping or being carried around in it.

We are looking forward to next month, watching you grow, and celebrating your first Halloween!

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