Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Visit

The girls always have so much fun visiting the pumpkin patch, and they absolutely love picking out their own pumpkins and then playing with them when they get home.  This year was a little interesting considering we had a 3-week old in tow, but the girls thought it was so cool to get to hold baby Grant and show him the pumpkins.  He wasn't all that impressed with the pumpkin patch, and was over all of the pictures by the end!

We picked out two big pumpkins to carve, and the girls picked out a bunch of medium-sized and small ones.  Alli thought that the pumpkins made good footballs and kept throwing them around, which caused us to have to buy way more pumpkins than we intended, but they have played with them at home for the past few days (who needs toys when you have small pumpkins?!).  They are already ready to go back for another visit!
taking a break in the pumpkin house with Grant
silly boys
our sweet family :)
so heavy
silly Alli
picking out her perfect pumpkin
pushing the heavy wagon

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