Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grant: 6 Weeks (a week late)

I can't believe it's already been six weeks since we welcomed him into our lives! He is a sweet baby, but hates to be put down, which makes for a very tired mommy! Your newborn acne is finally disappearing (yay), but you still have two blocked tear ducts :(

Here's some of his favorite things:
-His "magic blanket" (big, fluffy, blue blanket)
-Being swaddled
-Being held and/or rocked
-His sisters
-Mommy's milk
-The Rock n' Play
-Being carried in his infant carrier (but not sitting still in it)
-The noise of the vacuum or hair dryer

Things he doesn't like so much:
-Being left alone
-His swings
-His Baby Bijorn most of the time
-His paci (again, most of the time)
-Formula with his tummy
-Being hungry
-Pure quiet
-Laying flat

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