Thursday, June 9, 2011

100% improvement

This week has been a world of difference from this past weekend (thank goodness!!). Lila's teeth seem to not be bothering near as much and she is back to her happy, independent self. Josh was also home from Monday through Thursday morning which was such a great surprise considering he was supposed to only have Monday and Tuesday off after being gone the previous weekend (Thursday through Monday morning). We all love having him here with us, but I definitely think that Lila appreciates his time with her the most. She even cried after him when he left this morning...which about broke his heart into a million pieces!
lounging on daddy while watching tv
Also this week, since I am 34 weeks pregnant, I decided it was time to pack the hospital bag. I know it's still super early, but if you read my blog or are my friend on facebook, you know that waiting until week 34 was even hard for me to do :) I figure you can never be too prepared, and Alli can make her arrival anytime between now and the next 6 weeks. That's crazy!  I only have 3 more until I'm considered full term. Where did this pregnancy go?!?!
 Alli's things for the hospital
Lila being silly sporting my maternity shirt

Although I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore, I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to have two under 18 months! Ready or not, it will be happening soon!
 I love being able to put bows in her little pony tail
making a silly face playing on the floor

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