Wednesday, June 15, 2011

35 Weeks*35 days left to go*

I'm such a math nerd (I can't help it, I get it from my dad), so I love it when number things work out this way. I'm exactly 35 weeks pregnant today which means I have exactly 35 days left until my due date. 35/35. I know, I told you I was a nerd!

Anyways, today I had my weekly check up, and the cervical checks started today as well. It's still so early, so I wasn't expecting anything to be going on down there already (except that she's felt SO low for a couple weeks now!). But, to my (and I think the doctor's) surprise, I am already dilated 1cm and about 20-30% thinned out (which isn't much at all-but it's a start!).  I know this doesn't mean I'll go into labor tomorrow or anything, but it's nice to know that things are getting going. I'm so anxious and excited to meet our baby girl! Alli, you can come on now whenever you are ready girl!

1 comment:

  1. Could you be any cuter? Seriously, I think you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!

    And yay for progress!! I know you are probably sick of being pregnant in this heat!



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