Friday, June 10, 2011

Moody Gardens Palm Beach Visit

 Playing in the sand
 Kim, Brody, Lila, and Me ready for a day at Palm Beach
Kim and Brody invited Lila and me to meet them down in Galveston at Moody Garden's Palm Beach waterpark.  Lila and I went to Palm Beach last year when we first moved to Texas (blog post), but they completely re-did it and added some really fun things to do.  Lila and Brody had such a great time splashing around in the splash pad area, as well as floating over the waves in the wave pool. We took the babies around for a few loops in the lazy river also. Our last fun attraction was taking the babies down the "big" water slide, and I think that they would have gone down 100 times if it were up to them! To say they were worn out after a couple of hours of water play would be an understatement! Lila fell asleep before we even pulled out of the parking lot. We can't wait to go back with more friends next week!
 loving to play in the sand
 They love playing with each other
 splashing around the splash pad
 snack break

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