Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playtime on Sunday Morning

I love when we get ready for church early so Lila gets a chance to run around and play before she goes to the nursery. She is always so happy and full of energy in the mornings, and on Sundays, we are actually home to let her run around our house.  I'm amazed at all of the things that she finds to play with that aren't "toys" even though she has a room (house) full of toys. 
 playing with a diaper that she pulled from her room
 sitting in her rocking chair
 playing a song on her keyboard
 using her keyboard as a teething toy
 self-portrait of me (36 weeks 4 days) and Lila playing
 she found her piggy bank (ps. I hate the lighting in her room-it gives every shot a yellowish/pinkish tint)
and a purse makes a great toy too
 not sure what this face was for...but this is her little attitude coming out
 silly girl
 sweet face

I hope that you all are having a great Sunday and weekend!

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