Friday, June 3, 2011

16 Months Old *June 3, 2011*

It's crazy to think how fast things change in just one year. This time last year we were boxing up all of our belongings from your first home and preparing to move to Texas. Here's the link to the blog post  from last year. During last June, we got to spend several weeks at your Grammy and Granddaddy's beach condo while we waited for our new house in Texas to become ready for us to move in. You have come so far since last June and have learned so many new things. You are such a fun kid and we just love to watch you in your element. 

*You weigh 22.4 pounds (not surprised that you lost a little weight this month since I can barely get you to sit still and eat anything!) and are a little over 30.5 inches tall (you grew over two inches this month!!!).

*You are definitely running everywhere now. You only have one speed when moving around the house and that speed is as fast as you can go.    

*Because you love to be so mobile now, you are becoming impossible very hard to take out to meals. You don't love to sit still in your high chair for very long at all. We've been eating in so much more because of that!

*You LOVE to swim. You love to jump off the side of the pool and dunk your whole face underwater. We just got a baby pool for you to use at our house and you have already discovered how to climb in and out all by yourself. Our pool in the neighborhood is now open on the weekends, and we will be spending a lot of time there since it's so hot here!

* You still love pitching fits. I don't see that getting any better for at least 5 or so years (maybe never). Any little thing can set you off. You bow your back and then flop face forward on the floor. It's really funny to watch, but we just have to try and ignore you when you act out. 

*You still drink four huge cups of whole milk a day in your sippy cups, and we go through a half a gallon in between 2-5 days! You are starting to like apple juice more and you'll drink a little water here and there also.

*You still love blueberries and strawberries, bananas, anything sweet, waffles, bagels, oatmeal (can you tell that breakfast is your favorite meal?), turkey and cheese sandwiches, pb and js, mac and cheese, peas and carrots, ravioli, spaghetti.

*You are very interesting with your eating habits, as most toddlers are. You love to eat a big breakfast, but sometimes you don't care to eat much of anything for lunch or dinner. You love to snack and eat little meals throughout the day. Some days you love chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, peas, carrots, pizza, etc. but some days you don't want to take the time to eat anything!

*However, you aren't a huge fan of meat, and we're trying to work to get you to eat more protein. You do love the Gerber meat sticks though (yuck!). You also love Perdue chicken nuggets (the only chicken nuggets that you will eat!).

*You are still sleeping 12 hours a night, and we pushed your bedtime back until 8pm so that you sleep a little later in the morning! We put blackout curtains in your room and they seemed to push your wake up time back about 15 minutes, but it really helped your nap times become longer!

*You rarely take 2 naps a day now since we are hardly ever home in the morning. Most days you only get one long nap in at around 1:30-2:30 and sleep until between 3-5 depending on how tired you are and when you started your nap

*You went to your first gymnastics class yesterday and had so much fun. You absolutely LOVED tumbling and flipping around and kept your arms straight like such a big girl! The trampoline was one of your favorite parts, but you also loved when we helped you do kart-wheels and forward rolls.

*You still have 8 teeth, and I can't see or feel any signs of more to come except that you are chewing hysterically on everything and become really frustrated and fussy when you do. 

*You are saying a lot these days, but most of it is jibberish (I SO wish that I knew what you were trying to say!!!). You can say "doggy", "night-night", "bye-bye", "hi", "mama", "dada"-still your favorite, "uh-oh", "milk" (which you only pronounce the last sound /k/), "good morning"-although it mainly sounds like "goo goo goo" right now :)

*You are starting to learn your animal sounds. You can make sounds for a duck, monkey, cow, and pig. 
*You love to read, sing, and dance. You dance to any kind of music, but you especially love your Barney and Sesame Street songs (yes your Sesame Street DVD is by far still your favorite, although Barney is coming in a close second).

*You are slowly learning the hand motions to "itsy-bitsy spider," "the hokey pokey," and "mr. sun," but you still love "if you're happy and you know it." You sing along to the songs on your Barney dvd now, and it sounds so precious!
*Your hair is finally long enough to pull back in a pony tail. I'm so excited for this since you hardly keep your bows in your hair anymore!

*You are finally starting to realize that my belly is growing, and when we ask you where mama's baby is, you point to your own tummy. I can't believe that you will be a big sister next month!

You are becoming such a big girl and I love to watch you learn so many new things everyday! We love you!

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  1. What a cutie pie!! I can't believe how big she is getting. And Liam does the EXACT same thing throwing fits. It's so hard not to laugh! Hope you're feeling well:)



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