Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alli's First "Swim"

Yesterday was such a nice day (although a bit windy) and was a high of around the high 80's, so we decided to take the girls to the pool for the last weekend of the Summer. The water was actually pretty chilly, and I'm not sure if it just felt that way because it wasn't sweltering hot outside, or if it really was cold in temperature. We dipped Alli's feet in the water for the first time, and she seemed pretty indifferent towards it (she is only 7 weeks old though). I'm sure she was curious why we put her feet in cold water since she is used to her nice warm tubbies. She is so much younger than Lila was when we first introduced her to the pool (since Lila was born in February), so we didn't expect much of a reaction.
While Alli slept and Lila played with Josh, I was watching these two little girls about 2 and 3.5 playing with their dad. The girls were so cute and looked like they were so close, and I couldn't help but get excited for when Lila and Alli are about those ages to see how they play and interact with one another. Lila and I had fun playing in the neighborhood pool this year, and I'm excited for next year's visits to the pool with both girls!

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