Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lila's First Day of School

backpack on and ready to go to school
Today was Lila's first day in the toddler class at Mother's Day Out. I got there to pick her up a little early, so I watched her play for a few minutes before going in to get her. When I walked into her class, she brought me the toy she was playing with to show me how to work it. She was so proud of herself and looked like she had a great day!
 showing off her backpack

It was so nice to get all my errands run today. I forgot how fast I can run around with only one kiddo! It only took me about half the time that I gave myself to get everything done, and I actually got to relax with the extra time that I had! The weather outside made the day even that much more amazing!!
 she didn't want to take her backpack off all morning
 walking into school

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