Friday, September 30, 2011


a rare moment of 'calm-ness' as she watches Mickey Mouse (By the way: I checked on her 5 minutes later, and the Cheerios were ALL OVER the playroom!...oh, and her diaper was completely off and the rug was soaked...sigh)
That's what Lila has been lately!! She is into EVERYTHING and is getting tall enough to reach the counters, table, tall shelves, and climb onto the kitchen chairs (and the table from there). She is getting busier everyday (I thought that wasn't even possible), and is completely wearing me out! She scopes out things that she can get into or mess up and then goes to town. Where she used to be perfectly content playing in her playroom, now she is trying to climb on top of shelves, climb on top of her old pink car walker, and make the biggest mess possible.  I don't mind the mess-making at all, I just have to be very active now at making sure she isn't going to hurt herself exploring her new found height and courage!
Today, I got locked out of my house (I know...ridiculous huh!?!). In the 10 minutes it took for the locksmith to come, Lila had managed to destroy and throw down everything in her reach in the pantry. I must admit, when I saw the pantry, I was relieved to know that she had spent that unsupervised time in a relatively safe manner! Much easier to clean up spilled cereal than make rush a trip to the ER.

and I thought newborns were supposed to be hard to take care of?!? Toddlers are a totally different breed!


  1. She has inherited this climbing gene from her Uncle Scott. He open the over door once, pulled out the racks and was sitting on the top of the stove. All this in the time it took to change Carol Anne. Wish I were there to add an extra set of eyes and hands.

  2. Oh my goodness!! She is so silly. Thank goodness she destroyed the pantry instead of something else! Yikes!



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