Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Chandler's Meet-the-Baby Shower

Yesterday, I hosted a meet-the-baby shower for baby Chandler who was born on September 9th. Her mom, Ashley, and I have been friends since Josh and I first moved here to Texas last July (2010), and we discovered that our first baby girls are only 8 days apart! Karysn and Lila are such good friends and have the best time playing with each other. Our second baby girls are only 8 weeks apart, and I hope that they become just as close as Karsyn and Lila are. I was so excited to meet baby Chandler, and of course, she is as cute as ever! She is such a sweet baby, and we had a great time celebrating her arrival!

 Lila chasing Karsyn around the house
 sneaking in some snacks
 playing with the baby gate in the hallway
 picture with our new babies

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