Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Months Old *September 13, 2011*

*you weigh 10 pounds 4 ounces and are exactly 21 inches long.  These are actually accurate since you had your check-up at the doctor's office this morning. 

*you are sleeping pretty well. You start off sleeping between 4-6 hours (from about 8:30/9-2 or even 3), and then you wake about 2.5-3 hours after that throughout the night. You want to be up for good between 8 and 10am. 

*you sleep swaddled from the waste down in your bassinet. You get so mad if you can't get to your hands, so we only swaddle you just to keep your bottom half warm in our cold room. 
*you are starting to be awake more throughout the day. You will give us 2-4 hour stretches of awake time with 1-2 hours of nap times in between. Your nap times during the day are still pretty unpredictable though. 

*you are still nursing like a champ! You want to eat every 2-3 hours during the day. We always give you a bottle at 7 pm and it takes you until about 8:30 to finally finish the 4 ounces. You would much rather nurse, but we want you to get used to a bottle! 
*you will take an Avent bottle somewhat well. You don't seem to like any other kinds, and the bottle sometimes makes you mad when you want to nurse. You take between 1-4 ounces at a time in your bottle, depending on how hungry you are. 

*you still love your Mam paci.
*your starting to wear some of your 3 month clothes and your newborn clothes are getting put away already :( You wear a mixture of 0-3 month and 3 month onesies and outfits. 

*you are in size one diapers, and even those are getting snug around the middle. You still have a way to go before you'll need size 2's though. 
*you like your swing okay, but could do without it. Sometimes at night, I put you in your swing, but don't turn it on, just to lift your head up so that your nose doesn't become stuffy after your feedings. You are only happy in your swing if you are well-fed, and it doesn't immediately put you to sleep. You really like to watch the animals turn around while the music plays on your swing as well. You will coo at your animals, and it is so cute!

*you recognize our voices and will turn your head towards the sounds we make. You can follow our faces as well and are able to track objects with your eyes.
*you can grab onto a rattle with the tips of your fingers.

*you love to kick and swat at the animals in your pack and play. I have lots of video of you doing this!
*you can lift your head about 90 degrees when laying on your stomach. During tummy time, you love to push your legs forward and back like you are trying to crawl. You also like tummy time a lot more than Lila did!

*you first rolled from your tummy to your back at five weeks old. 

*you can hold your head steady when we hold you upright. You will still let it flop forward on occasion, but not very often. You are getting so strong!
*you smile all the time, much more than Lila did! It is so sweet! You always smile at me when you are done feeding and pull off. I always wish I could video it, but I just soak it in!

*you "talk" and coo all the time now when you are happy. I just love those little noises. You started cooing around 5 weeks old. 
*you love to roll from your back to your side. 

*you are getting more used to the Baby Bijorn, but don't have to go in it very often. You are very content in your bouncy seat, which we have on the table so that you are safe from Lila. 

*you had a check-up today and the doctor said that you are growing on a perfect curve! You also got three shots today and cried so hard! You're little eyes were so red all morning, and it just broke my heart! 
 waiting for the doctor to see her
You have grown and have really come alive this past month. You just melt our hearts with your sweet smiles and coos! I can't wait to see what next month will bring!

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  1. She is beautiful! I feel like the 2nd one grows/is going to grow even faster then the first!



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